8 – 24 Mar 2018

Opening Night | Thursday 8 Mar, 6pm–8pm

This event is part of Melbourne Design Week 15-25 Feb 2018, an initiative by Creative Victoria in partnership with NGV.

Genevieve Felix Reynolds + Meagan Streader

Meagan Streader and Genevieve Felix Reynolds share a preoccupation with three dimensional space and architecture. This concern is explored in diverse but formally related ways - Streader focuses on light; accessible voids, physical but ephemeral. Felix Reynolds tackles the painting tradition, experimenting in two and three dimensions, with canvas shape and placement. Both artists utilise the language of Euclidian geometry to communicate distinctions between digital, virtual space and physical experience. Paying respects to the traditions of Modernism and Minimalism, both artists generate works that acknowledge, prohibit or re-evaluate the physical gallery space, while flirting with the distinction between the mathematically perfect and the handmade. 

Faced with the digital abstraction of contemporary society, Genevieve Felix Reynolds responds with the abstraction of objects and space in an exploration of the impact of contemporary technologies on painting. The mythos of classical art and architecture anchors her image making; contrasting the weight of historic objects against efficient, reproducible technologies and the pleasure-seeking immediacy of our post-internet generation. Abstractions of artefacts are framed as objects of new idolisation. Refreshed and disembodied in paint, they simultaneously crave and mock a slower, simpler platonic era.
Reynolds graduated from the Queensland College of Art (QCP) with first class honours in 2011. Recent exhibitions include Chasm Gallery, New York, Michael Reid, Murrurundi, The Brisbane Powerhouse and Nicholas Thompson, Melbourne. She has been the recipient of several awards and grants including the Godfrey River’s Medal and an Art Start Grant, and was recently a finalist in the Churchie Emerging Artist Award and the Fisher’s Ghost Award. She is currently director of the artist-run gallery Wellington Street Projects in Sydney.

Meagan Streader’s work pushes the limits of light within sculpture and installation. Streader manipulates, reinterprets and extends upon the boundaries of constructed spaces. Through site-specific interventions, her multidimensional use of light re-orientates the viewer’s relationship to the pre-existing architecture and scale of a given space. In this way, Streader’s work reveals the pervasive role of light in governing physical and social navigations of fabricated spaces. Currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

IMAGE | Meagan Streader, One-Quarter U-Bend Column, 2017, light sculpture. | Courtesy the artist.