30 May - 16 Jun 2018

Opening Night | Thursday 31 May, 6pm–8pm + performance by Josh Hook

Curated by Jake Treacy




Anastasia Booth, Britt Salt, Daniel Gawronski, Helen Shelley, Hernan Lopera, Jake Treacy, Josh Hook, Owen Leong, Paulina Hupe, Skye Kelly + Tessy King.


Beyond the Veil is a group exhibition that seeks to expand and transform the perceptions, traditions and experiences of the white cube as an exhibition model. Through architectural interventions, site specifics responses, newly commissioned works as well as renewed curatorial vision upon existing works, 11 contemporary artists altogether conjure liminality (from the Latin word meaning ‘threshold’)  as experience within BLINDSIDE. Calling upon all that is unseen, peripheral and veiled in our collective blind spots, Beyond the Veil constructs and chances liminal moments that are often encountered within ritual - both ceremonial and daily - demonstrating the numinous quality of art. When in a liminal status one is considered betwixt and between, neither her nor there, and so the constructed gallery space becomes a place ripe for transformation. As one enters BLINDSIDE they will be greeted with their mirror selves; a monumental wall will conceal  the outside world, where only a hammer can pierce through to visions on the other-side; punctured vessels will carry and seep energy from other times and places; the contemporary figure of the witch will demolish and rebuild gender hierarchies; a geometric corner sculpture will perpetually shift architecture; a sticky black substance will ooze against the western wall; the life cycle of orchards will demonstrate the holistic nature of the universe; whilst three monolithic panels will bring us face to face with death. All the while the internal structure of the gallery becomes acoustic - a literal singing voice of the walls.

Curated by Jake Treacy, this exhibition is a palpable extension of his recent Masters thesis, where art is expanded as therapy. Here, the curator assumes the role of healer, harmonising the secular and spectacular realms of the art world to its broader contexts, allowing fluid accessibility between art and its audience. Built around the framework of liminality as investigated by 20th century anthropologist Victor Turner, the exhibition is considered as ritual, where art becomes a tool for self-healing. When betwixt and between one is displaced, and the frailties of an individual or a community can be recognised; from here, a transformative rite of passage may begin.

Join us on the opening night to witness a performance by Josh Hook who will pierce and puncture the interior/exterior realms of space.

A public program will occur during the course of the exhibition with curator Jake Treacy, who will perform his thesis through the streets of Melbourne alongside a procession of a sculpture.


IMAGES | Hernan Lopera | Owen Leong, Emotional Geometry (yellow orchid) 2016, archival pigment print on cotton paper | Skye Kelly, Creep (strain) 2011, toffee and steel | . Anastasia Booth, Portrait of Scylla 2016, video | Britt Salt, Formless 2015, perforated aluminium and vinyl | Tessy King, Sun Room 2016, glazed stoneware, lustre, granite, steel, turmeric dyed calico | Courtesy the artists.