21 June – 8 July 2017

Opening Night | Thursday 22 June, 6pm–8pm

Kimberley Pace + Jessica Tan

Entanglements establishes a dialogue between the practices of Perth-based West Australian emerging artists Jessica Tan and Kimberley Pace through the manifestation of objects and site-specific installation. A collaborative inquiry into the unstable parameters of corporeality and the embodied everyday space, the exhibition project transforms and shifts meanings associated with materiality and aesthetics.

For Julia Kristeva, the abject establishes that we first understand the world through materiality. Our symbolic relationships with our bodies and our relationships with the space around us are determined first by how things feel, look and smell. Materials tell us how to think and how to feel. We develop relationships bound to how things appeal to us, or repel us or even occupy a space between.

Kimberley Pace and Jessica Tan explore these relationships through a collaborative exchange of ideas, works and materials resulting in the negotiation of process-based outcomes that generate and develop further material conversations. These outcomes explore the relationships between the natural and artificial, the alluring and uncomfortable, and the material object, the body and the space they exist within.

For Entanglements, both artists create objects that extend on individual practice concerns engaging the unstable parameters of corporeality and embodied everyday space. The intersection of these practices constructs an ambiguous space for the viewer, which questions perceived meanings associated with material response and aesthetics.

Jessica Tan (WA/VIC) is interested in the way which energy feeds back and forth between the maker and material, and how bodily presence can be imbued upon an object through acts of time and labour. She engages with contemporary painting and sculpture through modes of site responsive installation. The broader extent of Jessica’s arts practice examines possible connectivities across identity, memory, daydreams, intuition and how we might understand our sense of place. Since completing a BA (Visual Art) in 2013 at Edith Cowan University in Perth, WA, she has exhibited works at Free Range Gallery, Fremantle Arts Centre Print Awards and Pet Projects. In 2017, she has exhibited at Visual Bulk, Hobart in a group exhibition titled ‘Charms’ curated by Jessica Rose Quinnell. She is currently working in Melbourne.

Kimberley Pace (b. 1984) lives and works in Perth, Western Australia. Her practice investigates the fluidness of the corporeal body through a multidisciplinary approach involving garment, object, performance and sound. Finding that the body is unfixed, permeable and penetrable, she asks, how do the un-definable margins of the body simultaneously entice and repel us? In 2015 she completed a Masters of Arts by Research, at Edith Cowan University, WA and her most recent exhibitions include; it really really could happen at Taipei Artist Village in Taipei, 2016, Ooze at Paper Mountain Gallery in 2016, Peel, Fondle, Ogle at Spectrum Project Space in 2015