4 – 21 October 2017

Opening Night + Performance | Thursday 5 October, 6pm–8pm

Aya Hamamoto

Her Song is an exhibition that seeks to illuminate the physicality of loss through explorations on the ambiguous connections between seeing and hearing by employing a live singing performance and multiple video projections. Aya Hamamoto’s series of investigations on the subject of life and death originate from her personal experience of losing her sister who was a musician. Focusing on the tactility of human voice, Her Song attempts to capture the intangible or the texture of the absent within the viewer’s experience in the exhibition space.

Aya Hamamoto is a Japanese artist pursing themes of loss, memory and Japanese aesthetics of temporality through explorations on the multi-sensory dimension of the installation space. Employing multiple video projections and vocal performance, Yamamoto examines how plural negotiations between memory, voice and imagery can construct a spatial language of fragmented subjectivity. Aya has a background in Japanese traditional painting, and her recent work examines the potential of reciprocity of senses in cross-medium practice.

Currently undertaking a Master of Fine Arts (Visual Art) by Research at the Victorian College of the Arts, Hamamoto’s work has been exhibited at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery, the Windsor Hotel, and the George Paton Gallery. Aya Hamamoto received the Orloff Family Trust Scholarship at her VCA Graduate Exhibition, and was a  finalist in the Windsor Prize.