4 – 21 October 2017

Opening Night | Thursday 5 October , 6pm–8pm

Nick Modrzewski + Nabilah Nordin + Katie Paine

'Your alarm goes off. You step into a suit or a pencil dress. You button up the various parts. You wash your face. You eat your muesli. It is part of an 8-week diet curated by your personal trainer. You run for the train. You step on the train. You check your phone. You step off the train. You are seven minutes late. You are jogging. It starts to rain. You remove your foldable umbrella from your bag. You always knew it would come in handy at a time like this. You arrive at work. You swipe yourself in. You greet your coworkers. Your coworkers are amicable. You find your desk. You sit down. You turn on your computer. You type your password. Your password is incorrect. You retype your password. Your password is correct. You open Outlook Express. You have twelve new emails. 'Do you want a tea?' asks a coworker named Jones. 'Yes please, Jones,' you say. You are glad you co-work with coworkers like Jones. Coworkers like Jones keep you grounded in the present. Coworkers like Jones stop you thinking too much about the shape of your face, which looks irregular from certain angles. Coworkers like Jones remind you to straighten your back and readjust the position of your elbows on the desk. With the help of coworkers like Jones you are going to move forwards and upwards. 

It is good to work with co-workers like Jones.'


Taking over both galleries at BLINDSIDE, Nordin, Modrzewski and Paine present a collaborative exhibition about the effect of work on the body. What is gained and what is lost by entering a 'professional' space? What can be found within its timetables and its social codes? Exploring the office in its virtual and physical capacities, this exhibition celebrates and critiques the world of productivity and careful personal grooming.

IMAGE | [MARK ALL AS READ] | Courtesy Nick Modrzewski.