28 Aug - 14 Sep 2019

Opening Night | Thursday 29 Aug, 6pm–8pm


7 - 15 Sep 2019




Liv Boyle + Jennifer Lavers + Sara Retallick 

Pelagic: sea birds and hermit crabs, whales and zooplankton, fish, flotsam, jetsam, and marine plastics – that which lives or exists within the tidal zone and the upper surface of the open ocean.

Utilising material collected by Lavers during her second Research Expedition to Henderson Island, this unique collaboration will see the coming together of disciplines; sculpture, jewellery, sound, and science, exploring site-specific ecologies under pressure. The artists will draw on new data such as oceanography and accumulation patterns to unpick concepts of remoteness and challenge ideals of the untouched island as paradise.

We Seed – a continuous strand of seaweed dyed silk, threaded with beach-washed nurdles, gathered by Lavers on location. With the highest density of anthropogenic debris recorded anywhere in the world, Henderson Island provides a unique opportunity to meditate upon the proliferation of microplastics accumulating on North Beach’s once-pristine 2km tideline. Entangled and net-like; the work installs loosely, cascading from ceiling to floor as daylight and shadow traverse the seed-like translucent materials.

Mollusc, Maybe – an arrangement of small sculptures navigate the floor, exploring the symbiotic relationship between molluscs and crustaceans endemic to Henderson Island. As molluscs cling to drifting macroplastic rafts, purple hermit crabs (Coenobita spinosa) colonise suitable vessels for protection, be it a deserted shell or the lid of an empty shampoo bottle. Inspired by the resourcefulness of these living hosts, this work plays with observations of adaptation and evolution.

Strata – is a generative sound piece of field recordings collected by Lavers, composed by Retallick. Installed on four speakers, the sound will provide a spatiotemporal dialogue with place for the exhibition’s duration. The creative composition will respond to unique attributes of site like: extreme isolation, biodiversity, debris accumulation patterns and weather events.

New Zealand born cross-disciplinary artist Liv Boyle works in Melbourne, Australia. Transforming discrete materials into contemporary object and jewellery, Liv collects and re-imagines detritus that speaks for its environment. Her work investigates key ephemeral sites such as tidelines, often referencing indicator species in changing ecosystems. Collaboration underpins and enriches Liv’s research-based practice.

Liv completed a BFA in Sculpture at the University of Auckland (2005), and an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery at Melbourne Polytechnic (2013). She has exhibited internationally, including ITAMI International Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition in Japan (2017, 2013) and was a finalist for the National Contemporary Jewellery Award 2018, Australia.

Dr Jennifer Lavers is a Research Scientist at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) in Launceston, Tasmania.  She is a marine biologist with expertise in tropical and temperate seabird ecology and marine pollution, including plastic debris. She and her graduate students regularly collaborate on art-science projects with an aim to translate scientific data or samples into outputs that engage the community. Dr Lavers has also been featured in recent documentaries, including Plastic Oceans and BLUE, as well as an upcoming BBC episode (October 2018). In 2017, her research on Henderson Island made global headlines after shining a spotlight on huge quantities of plastic debris accumulating on remote, uninhabited islands.

Sara Retallick is an artist based in Melbourne (Naarm), Victoria. Her practice explores listening and human perception of sound and time in different listening situations. Integrating sound, video and installation, her practice utilises fieldwork, collaboration and expanded listening to explore cultural and historical contexts of place. 

Retallick has exhibited nationally and internationally at galleries like Bus Projects in Melbourne, UNSW Gallery in Sydney and at the nomadic International Symposium of Electronic Art 2018 in Durban, South Africa. She was awarded the Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship in 2017, and her work has been financially supported by Creative Victoria, NAVA and Arts Victoria.

IMAGES | Liv Boyle, Mollusc, 2018, marine plastic, molluscs, sand, 80x95x100mm | Liv Boyle, Hollow, 2016, beach washed steel, 999 silver, 30x35x200mm | Liv Boyle, Flies, 2016, fishing braid, seagrass, feathers, silk, 375 rose gold, 925 silver | Liv Boyle, Mollusc, 2018, marine plastic, molluscs, sand, 80x95x100mm | Liv Boyle, Albatross, 2017, wing bone, microplastics, silk, 925 silver, 1240x5x15mm | Liv Boyle, We Seed x 4m2, 2018, nurdles, 925 silver, silk, 1000x4x4mm | Courtesy the artist.