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[4 July – 21 August 2016]

Georgie Roxby Smith, Fair Game (Run Like a Girl), 2016, GTAV Online Intervention (longshot machinanima) HD video (13m 57s) | Courtesy of the artist

Grand Theft Auto is populated by stereotyped female bots, who – despite some initial attitude – screech and ‘run like a girl’ when bumped or touched by their male counterparts. These animations are designed by the game makers to be fleeting and momentary, a direct response to a single action of the player.

What happens if the player refuses to take no for an answer and pushes this intended moment to its maximum – is there an end point?

In Fair Game the player becomes the hunter, the bots the hunted as the artist stalks the women to their deaths in a live endurance performance.

Georgie Roxby Smith works across a range of disciplines exploring new pathways between virtual and physical worlds. Employing a variety of tools – including 3D graphics, live performance, shared virtual and gaming spaces, installation and projection – these works explore the increasingly blurred border between identity, materiality, reality, virtuality and fantasy in contemporary culture. In 2010 Georgie was selected for The Watermill Center Spring Residency Program, NY, by an international selection committee of cultural leaders including Marina Abramović,  Alanna Heiss & Robert Wilson. In 2011 Georgie completed her MFA at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. Since 2012 Georgie has been focusing on gender representation and violence in video games, particularly that directed towards women on screen and in online communities.

Georgie has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally including Art in Odd Places, New York, Prospectives International Festival of Digital Art Nevada, Game Art Festival at Hammer Museum Los Angeles, Gamerz Festival (FR), Festival Miden (GR) and Generation i.2 – Aesthetics of the Digital in the 21st Century at Edith Russ Huas for Media Art (DE). Other highlights include curating and showing in NOW13:New Media Art Now, Substation Contemporary Art Prize and Self Help at Rawson Projects  Brooklyn. Most recently, Georgie showed at Game Video/Art: A Survey at 21st Triennale in Milan, Strafsachen Galerie in Austria , QUT Art Museum and Data Flow: Digital Influence at Town Hall Gallery in Melbourne.

Awards and grants include the Australia Council of the Arts New Work, Artstart, Nellie Castan Award, Australian Postgraduate Award, Ian Potter Cultural Trust, Dame Joan Sutherland Fund and the Eldon and Anne Foote Trust Travel Grant.

Guest curator | Claire Watson


Travis H Heinrich,Prosthetic Sky, 2013, HD video (19m 22s)  | Courtesy of the artist [16 May – 3 July 2016] Curated by Simone Hine + Kyle Weise for Crossing Atmospheres BLINDSIDE Screen Series 2016.

Travis H Heinrich, Prosthetic Sky, 2013, HD Video (19m 22s), Courtesy of the Artist.

Travis H Heinrich, Prosthetic Sky, 2013, HD Video (19m 22s), Courtesy of the Artist.








Nathan Gray, Works < 30s No.46-55 – with Lou Hubbard, 2015, HD video (6m 19s) | Courtesy of the artist [28 March – 15 May 2016] Curated by Martina Copley.







Chantal Fraser, It Hangs With Rattlesnakes and Rubbish, 2013, HD colour video, (4m 15s) | Courtesy of the artist [15 February – 27 March 2016] Curated by Alison Kubler as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Cultural Program Project Series.







Juliet Carpenter, Ingénue, 2015, HD colour video, (6m 40s) | Courtesy of the artist
[12 January – 14 February 2016]







Julie Rrap, Fleshpool, 2004, digital video, 60-second duration (continuous loop) | Courtesy of the artist and ARC ONE Gallery [23 November 2015 – 11 January 2016]






Neon Kohkom [CAN], All the time, Everywhere, 2015 (1m 50s) | Courtesy of the artist [12 October – 22 November 2015]







Antony Riddell, reading at The Dan O’Connell Hotel, 29 August 2015, (3m 39s) | Courtesy of the artist [3 September – 11 October 2015]







William Mackrell (GBR), Deux Chevaux, 2011, (6m 48s) | Courtesy of the artist [20 July – 3 September 2015]

William Mackrell_Archive






 (IND), The Charade, 2014, (3m 54s) | Courtesy of the artist
[26 May – 20 July 2015]






Gabrielle Leah New, States of Being, 2014 (3m 51s) | Courtesy of the artist [21 April – 26 May 2015]

Gabrielle New_thumbnail






Matthew Harris, Lassie, 2013 (1m 57s) | Courtesy of the artist [2 March – 21 April 2015]







Genevieve Pikó, Does She Know, 2014 (1m 50s) | Courtesy of the artist [6 January – 1 March 2015]

Genevieve Pikó, ‘Does She Know’, 2014






Zoe Scoglio, Resonant Ruins, 2014 (3m 49s) | Courtesy of the artist [25 November 2014 – 5 January 2015]

Zoe Scoglio, Resonant Ruins 2014

Kawita Vatanajyankur, Soaked, 2013 | Courtesy of the artist [6 October – 24 November 2014]

Soaked, Video Still, 2013 (Kawita) 1180 px






Inez de Vega, Dying Not to Be, 2013, (8m 20s) | Courtesy of the artist [17 August – 6 October 2014]

Inez de Vega






Tania Smith, Untitled (Refrain), 2013, (1m 10s silent) | Courtesy of the artist [9 July – 16 August 2014]

Smith-Untitled (refrain)

Dylan Hammond, There are difficulties involved in maintaining a healthy constitution, HD video, 2013, (10m 58s) | Courtesy of the artist [15 May – 5 July 2014]

Dylan Hammond | There are difficulties involved in maintaining a healthy constitution

Jessie Scott, The Coburg Plan, Video (from original 35mm slides), 2014, (4m 26s) | Courtesy of the artist [31 March – 14 May 2014]

Jessie Scott, The Coburg Plan, video still

Boe-Lin Bastian, Jellies. Coupling Series 2010, HD Video, (4m 13s) | Courtesy of the artist [29 January – 31 March 2014]

Boe-lin Bastian

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