25 September 2017 - 1 January 2018

Curated by Tamsin Green

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Amalia Lindo

Search engine filters mimic the politics of the school-yard. The voices of the well-liked resound through passages and fill empty pages; identifying trends, dictating meaning, silencing difference. Concrete Air navigates the unwatched footage of the individual YouTube user by using both date and time as a method of filtration amid the chaos of uncirculated sermons, Vlogs, UFO sightings, Indian sitcoms, confessionals, infomercials, conspiracy theories, unboxings, virtual world commentaries, spam filters & ad blockers. Concrete Air results in a labyrinth of pixels, devoid of narrative and subject, offering the search engine outcasts a seat at the proverbial table.

Amalia Lindo completed a BFA (Honours) at Monash University. Her filmic practice considers individuation amid an ever-mutating digital, cultural identity with a distinct focus on how meaning is both constructed and distorted by cultural ascriptions of value to produce specific or slanted narratives. Her work is predominately composed of found, marginalised and non-narrative footage. Lindo was the recipient of the Lowensteins Art Management Award in 2016. She recently completed a solo exhibition & mentorship with c3 Contemporary in Melbourne.

Images: Amalia Lindo, Concrete Air, 2017, stills from single channel video, 14m | Courtesy the artist