6 JAN – 26 MAR 2017 | PLAY2 | QUEERTECH.IO

Project Description

QUEERTECH.IO is collection of digital artworks by local, national and international LGBTQI+ identifying artists curated by Alison Bennet, Travis Cox, Xanthe Dobbie & Mark Payne.


 A collection of digital artworks by local, national and international LGBTQI+ identifying artists curated by QueerTech.io (Alison Bennet, Travis Cox, Xanthe Dobbie & Mark Payne). The project, which explores the intersection between queer identities and digital culture, spans multiple on- and offline locations and will be exhibited across Midsumma Festival (Melb), Melt Festival (Bris), and Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras (Syd) in 2017.

Interact with the online exhibition here from January 15: http://queertech.io/

ARTISTS | Alison Bennet & AJ Kearns (AUS), Mo Cohen (USA), Pila Darling & Michele Vescio (AUS), Travis de Jonk (AUS), Xanthe Dobbie (AUS), Siyu Mao (DEU/CHN), Luke Miller (AUS), Mark Payne (AUS), El Pelele (ARG), Miriam Poletti (ITA), Mark Ramos (USA), Richard Sawdon Smith & Jonathan Armour (UK), Soda_Jerk (AUS), Beau Torres (USA), Pati Solomona Tyrell (NZ), Alan Warburton (UK), Michael Wilde (USA)

PLAY2 is an offsite extension of BLINDSIDE PLAY, a video space which is dedicated to showing contemporary experimental single-channel works from local and international artists. PLAY2, is presented in partnership with Federation Square and screened at the Big Screen as part of Fed TV.

For specific screening dates | Please visit the Fed Tv Guide

Project Details
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Screening Dates: 5 January to 26 March 2017
  • Alison Bennet & AJ Kearns (AUS), 2015, Inverto, digital photographs
  • Beau Torres (USA), 2015, Brush Against Me David; it is what it is, digital video
  • Mo Cohen (USA), 2016, Queer Quest: All in a Gay's Work, point & click game demo
  • Pila Darling & Michele Vescio (AUS), 2014, And, Or, and Not, digital web collage
  • Travis de Jonk (AUS), 2016, Sexual Organs - Bloom 1, interactive digital video
  • Xanthe Dobbie (AUS), 2016, Desktop Holiday 2, digital video collage
  • El Pelele (ARG), 2016, Apotropaión, multidisciplinary digital installation
  • Siyu Mao (DEU/CHN), 2016, Nothing but Nonsense, gif
  • Luke Miller (AUS), Escape from Pleasure Planet, game
  • Mark Payne (AUS), 2016, In Stride, digital sculpture, animation
  • Miriam Poletti (ITA), 2016, Perhaps Cultivating Touch Can Still Save Us, interactive webpage
  • Mark Ramos (USA), 2016, Contested Terrain, 3D virtual topography
  • Richard Sawdon Smith & Jonathan Armour (UK), 2016, Infinite Surface, high resolution photogrammetry 3D model
  • Soda_Jerk (AUS), 2011, The Popular Front, adapted digital video
  • Pati Solomona Tyrell (NZ), 2016, Aitu Vogue Ball, digital video
  • Alan Warburton (UK), 2016, Training Camp, Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) software, crowd simulation software, motion capture files, compositing software
  • Michael Wilde (USA), 2016, Turing Meditation, interactive collage
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