22 Aug - 8 Sep 2018

Opening Night | Thursday 23 Aug, 6pm–8pm

Curated by Brigid Hansen + Zoë Bastin



Anna Horne, Archie Barry, Holly Bates, Isabella Hone-Saunders, Lou Fourie, Nabilah Nordin, Zoë Bastin. 

Presence takes a fluid approach to feminist creative practices. It adopts movement as a trope through which to explore and characterise the performative gesture in artwork across diverse media.


IMAGE | Zoë Bastin, Not in that way, 2015, Steel pipe. faux fur, rope, lycra, flour, foam. Exhibited as 20min looped video. Performed by Albee Barton, Zamara Lea Robison and the artist Zoë Bastin. | Courtesy of the artists.