Reparar Means To Repair

20 Jun - 7 Jul 2018

Opening Night | Thursday 21 Jun, 6pm–8pm




Camila Galaz


Reparar Means To Repair uses video and dialogue to explore intergenerational rifts created by mass violence and the attempts to mend damage done - both governmental reparations and personal acts of repair and remembering.

“He pleaded so much that he lost his voice. His bones began to fill with words.” -

Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Reparar means to Repair uses sound recordings and video from my father’s first years in Australia in the 1980s (a political refugee from Chile) as an avenue for exploring what it means for me to be a descendant of a victim of state violence and the duties that I have inherited – what Judith Butler calls “the tasks that follow political violence”.

The exhibition looks at the relationship between official narratives of reparation and the burden of personal healing through the frame of language and memory.

The single video uses a flashcard format in an attempt to uncover knowledge and connections from this period of time that affect our relationship now. It also alludes to a learning process, and clear language barrier between generations.

Camila Galaz lives and works in Melbourne, where she completed Honours in Fine Art in 2012.  In her painting and video-based practice, she explores the role of performance and memory in the construction of identity. She also works collaboratively with the art collective TBP.

IMAGE | Camila Galaz, Untitled, 2017, detail, photograph| Courtesy the artist.