18 Apr - 5 May 2017

Opening Night | Thursday 19 Apr, 6pm–8pm



Lina Buck, Garth Howells and Paul Murphy

Site(s) is inspired by how the force and meaning of locations can shape Art making. It explores the processes of each exhibiting artist in relation to space and site. Varied locations manipulate the meaning of art objects, objects that stand as both a response and homage to the site.

Lina Buck’s practice investigates art sites geographically. She replicates the boundaries of the gallery, thereby extending the space, or indeed blurring its boundaries. Positioning artworks to organise the viewer’s spatial environment.

Garth Howells utilises the studio to render an always in-progress artwork, sweeping up dust and dirt to use in the place of paint, scrutinizing the traditions of materials, questioning their value.

Paul Murphy’s sculptures are an investigation into the site of Lake Pedder, a diversion lake used to produce electricity. His work symbolizes the Rose Quartz beaches that once existed in this iconic natural alpine lake. If Lake Pedder still existed, it would have a status similar to Uluru.

Lina Buck is an emerging artist based within Melbourne. She has completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has exhibited in galleries such as Rubicon ARI, First Site and SAWTOOTH (Tasmania). Her practice explores spaces and our collective experience of them. Working across multiple mediums her work takes a sculptural form, often incorporating weaving methods.

Garth Howells is a multidisciplinary artist; their practice stands as an antagonist. They examine our preconceived cognizance of rule systems, didactic emotional responses and the paradox of value. Their practice reflects the hierarchies that are currently present in our contemporary context, investigating Art as an entity. Howells completed their Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT in 2016.

Paul Murphy is an emerging sculptor based in Launceston with an interest in working with the notion of environmental change; more specifically the interplay between the man-made vs. natural and the subsequent results of this as we experience and consider the future.

IMAGE | Garth Howells, Studio 118 Throne, 2017, bricks, wood, dust, dirt, oil paint, aerosol, aper, dimensions variable. | Courtesy the artist.