29 May - 15 Jun 2019

Opening Night | Thursday 30 May, 6pm–8pm




Robert Mangion, Peter Burke, Lizzy Newman, Damiano Bertoli, David Thomas 

The Unfinished project resists traditional boundaries governing artistic presentation and actively seeks to emphasise porosity, precariousness and doubt as strategies for reflective practices. Working in collaboration with four selected artists, the curators employ a discursive process to trace connections between individual work processes that engage with notions of the unfinished in art, dealing with the indefinite postponement of closure and making inaccessible the object of certainty. Engaged with a range of temporal networks in a continuous process of connectivity and epistemological doubt, the artists are invited to produce new work for the exhibition that is also capable of manifesting itself as research. TFramed as a process of signification consisting of relations between objects, situations, reception and participation, the curatorial is subject to an ongoing dialectical interplay between the artwork’s actual and vicarious dimensions.

CURATORS | Peter Burke + Robert Mangion

IMAGES | Robert Mangion + Peter Burke, Lost/Found (2), Melbourne performance, 2017 | Robert Mangion, Vicarious/Object Lost and Found, 2017, mixed media installation | Courtesy the artists.