August 2017

Cowwarr Art Space, VICTORIA


Nicole Breedon

Throughout the BLINDSIDE REGIONAL ARTS RESIDENCY at COWARR ART SPACE Nicole will create a body of work entitled Everything’s OK. The work is a slip cast ceramic depicting a partially decomposed/zombie hand gesturing “OK” which appears to be forcefully protruding from a small mound of dirt.

Everything’s OK is about life after death, using humour to explore the macabre finality. Everything’s OK is part of a series about death and dying, using different materials and processes which reflect the concept or subject matter of the work.


NICOLE BREEDON’s interdisciplinary practice investigates the way humans create meaning and find significance in their lives in defiance of an absurd and infinite universe. Breedon’s methodology often pairs a work’s subject matter and material to create its narrative or illustrate its concept; often using images and tropes from popular-culture, religion, myth, and historical artefacts. Breedon’s work regularly uses two opposing yet co-existing forces such as tragedy and humour, beauty and ugliness, luxury and poverty to examine the modern contradiction between living an important life with a cohesive, meaningful narrative in a chaotic, often cruel, and unfathomably large universe.

Nicole Breedon has exhibited in Australia and abroad including solo exhibitions Bongs and Commodores at Alaska Projects (Sydney); A Lot of Luck at Bus Projects (Melbourne); Feelings at West Space (Melbourne) and Firstdraft (Sydney); and Sierpinski Mountain at TCB (Melbourne).


The BLINDSIDE REGIONAL ARTS RESIDENCY is supported by the City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria and Cowarr Art Space.

IMAGE | Nicole Breedon, Fuck Your Heroes, 2014, Jelutong, 19 x 9 x 9cm. Image courtesy the artist.