7 - 24 Aug 2019

Opening Night | Thursday 8 Aug, 6pm–8pm




Andre Franco + Yusi Zang 

Franco + Zang's work focuses on the first few minutes when the viewer enters a space. Mirroring the gallery architecture to induce a heightened moment of awareness by disorienting and disrupting the viewer’s expectations of the space.

An enquiry into the relationship between humans and the spaces they inhabit, our work reflects on the human encounter with the environment explored through altering the architecture of the gallery. We also aim to alter the internal architecture of the beholder’s encounter. 

Our work seeks to address the superficial relationships between humans and spaces — visiting and leaving, the difficulty of connecting and the lack of attention  — To add a subtle energy and dynamism to the apparent inertness of the architecture, to “make the real, real again” in Hal Foster’s terms. We aim to make the gallery a felt space, to be comprehended anew, and to activate the aesthetic possibilities inherent in the everyday experience of attending a space.

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Yusi Zang is a Beijing born, Melbourne based artist. Her artwork is reflexive, referring to relationships between people, objects and events. Those of attached and unattached, getting and abandoning, visiting and leaving. By investigating these relationships, she focuses on the value of attachment as a way to be present in the work she makes. The work strives for a degree of realism, mimicking the real, which the objects derive from. By conjuring a true likeness, she aims to make the absent, objects or events, present; to activate the value of attachment and make it to be felt and comprehended again.

Andre Franco is an Auckland born, Melbourne based artist. Interested in how one navigates the built world that we live in, the works produced by the artist interrogate the over-looked, the well-used and the vernacular, quotidian details of a certain space. Prompted by the parameters and /or conditions of the space, the artist allows these sets of rules to both dictate and open up an experience for the participant. Through the use of fabricated installations and environments, the role of the participant is to both view and be viewed, creating a simultaneous experience, encouraging the viewer to both acknowledge and participate in their surroundings.

IMAGES | Andre Franco | Yusi Zang | Courtesy the artists.