14 Nov - 1 Dec 2018

Opening Night | Thursday 15 Nov, 6pm–8pm




Mia Middleton


Using coded depictions of depth perception, Being There presents works which unpack the interdependent states of presence and absence, surface and void, and examines their pertinence and application within contemporary place making. In particular, the works navigate synthetic and utopic environments by breaking apart and re-purposing the virtual and tangible veneers that typify them. Romanticised wilds meet with monolithic forms and dark cavities, exploring the primal states buried beneath utilitarian sites. The result is a conflation of the domestic and the fantastic, where multiple spatialities exist in tandem, and sights and sounds commingle with coverings and facades.

Mia Middleton is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Sydney, Australia. Since completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in photo-media at UNSW Art and Design in 2013, Mia's work has been exhibited at galleries both nationally and abroad, including the Museum of Contemporary Art ARTBAR, CICA Museum Korea, Aici Acolo Romania and the Athens Digital Arts Festival. She has been the recipient of the Canson Photography Prize and completed a suite of performances for performance art festival Desire Lines. In 2018 Mia is travelling and undertaking a professional art residency in Barcelona.

IMAGE | Mia Middleton, It’s Not Full Until its Overflowing, 2017, vacuum packing, plush blanket, plastic rose, dimensions variable| Courtesy the artist.