21 - 24 May 2014


Sarah Byrne,  Katie Sfetkidis, Ian Moorhead,  Zoe Scoglio,  Sky Needle,  Frances Barrett + Kate Blackmore

BLINDSIDE LIVE is a program of late night events showcasing live video, performance and music from Wednesday 21 to Saturday 24 May, 8pm to 1am.

Promoting local talent, this program brings the live aspects of contemporary practice to life with a series of immersive, multidisciplinary and experimental events by artists. Ranging from live video-mixing to immersive installations to improvised experimental music, these events encourage viewers to reflect on the art experience as it unravels throughout the night.

IMAGES | Sky needle, performing at The Tote, Melbourne, 2013, Katie Sfetkidis, In Deep Water 04, photo: Lucy Parakhina, Zoe Scoglio, Water Falls and Other Features, 2014| Images courtesy of the artist. 

NIGHT ONE: Wed 21 May, 10pm | SARAH BYRNE presents WIP: Awkward Portrait, a video installation orchestration in collaboration with newcomer drag queen, Mozilla Firefox. In attempting to dissect performativities engaged with the language of video portraiture, Byrne will conduct an immersive live-to-screen open-process experiment throughout the night.

Sarah Byrne is a Melbourne-based artist interested in the cross-pollination of video, sound and performative installation practice tainted by cringe culture and pop critique.

NIGHT TWO: Thu 22 May, 10pm | KATIE SFETKIDIS & IAN MOORHEAD invite us to go on a deep-sea journey to encounter the light creatures that live below. Inspired by the bioluminescent creatures that live in the deep oceans, this immersive installation uses sound and light to provide glimpses into this unexplored dark corner of the world. At 11.30pm a live performance will be presented.

Katie Sfetkidis is a lighting designer and live artist living and working in Melbourne.

NIGHT THREE: Fri 23 May ZOE SCOGLIO’s Water Falls and Other Features unites materials, timescales, histories and narratives to create a temporary sculpture garden enacting cycles of motion and the forces affecting them. Inserting herself into a landscape of manmade and natural materials, Scoglio’s body becomes the site for enacted geomorphologies. Water Falls and Other Features contemplates the points at which the human and non-human worlds intersect.

Zoe Scoglio is an artist from Melbourne who uses performance, video, sound and installation, often creating site-responsive and participatory work.

NIGHT FOUR: Sat 24 May, 10pm | SKY NEEDLE, originally hailing from the primordial swamps of QLD, now reside in the low rises of Melbourne. To celebrate their evolution the no-core pop ensemble will occupy BLINDSIDE with an array of ‘instrulations’, expanding the dichotomy of their auto-music practice into the context of space and duration. This event will feature live 16mm visuals and prismatics by Artist Film Workshop and touring American film artist Jodie Mack.

EVERY NIGHT from 8pm | A screening of Box Set by Sydney artists KATE BLACKMORE and FRANCES BARRETT. This video documents a 8-day endurance piece involving these artists watching every single episode of one of the world’s longest running television series, The Simpsons, while fasting. This performance took place in a live television studio and was anchored by Nick Keys, who provided an endurance commentary across the entire 8-days.