BLINDSIDE 2019 Exhibition Program

NOW OPEN | Due Midnight 13 May 2018

We know the incredible amount of hard work exhibitions require, and for this reason we provide exhibiting artists and curators extensive support through marketing and promoting your exhibition, assistance with grant applications and technical needs, ensuring the gallery is invigilated and providing curatorial and development advice.

As part of this commitment all successful applications will receive:

  • A three-week public exhibition in one (or both) of our galleries
  • Onsite technical assistance for your installation
  • Staff to invigilate the exhibition (Tuesday to Saturday) and for your opening night
  • Promotional support through an e-invitation to our database, press release send-out to Melbourne news and arts media platforms, social media promotion, listings in Art Almanac and Art Guide
  • Support with grant applications for exhibition funding 
  • Curatorial and professional development advice
  • Assistance connecting exhibiting artists with writers and curators
  • Networking opportunities including our ‘Meet the Artists’ night

Please note, as a not-for-profit organisation BLINDSIDE takes no commission from the sale of any artworks and will not display prices/sale stickers alongside works in the exhibition. 

Gallery Fees

Gallery One: $1100

Gallery Two: $850

Successful exhibitors will be required to pay a 30% non-refundable deposit within four weeks of acceptance of the exhibition. The remaining balance is to be paid two months prior to installation. Artists with financial difficulties are urged to contact the Board as soon as possible to discuss alternative payment plans. A $100 cash key bond will be taken during installation and returned after the exhibition, upon return of keys and the gallery returned to original condition.

Gallery Floorplans

BLINDSIDE is located on the seventh floor of the Nicholas Building, on the corner of Flinders Lane and Swanston Street in Melbourne’s Central Business District. We have two gallery spaces and we accept applications for one or both of these spaces.

Gallery One is 40 square metres with a ceiling height of 3.4 metres. The north-facing wall is MDF. The other walls and floors are concrete.

Gallery Two is 25 square metres with a ceiling height of 3.4 metres. The west and south-facing walls of the gallery are MDF and the remaining walls are concrete.

Have a look at our GALLERY FLOOR PLANS for detailed measurements, as well as a 3D MODEL.



BLINDSIDE only accepts support material as an online weblink. 

Please do not upload zipped files. Please ensure all files uploaded including  image and sound files are saved with your name in the file name, for example:

Lastname_Firstname_2017-Proposal.pdf / Lastname_Firstname-CV.docx / Lastname_Firstname-Image01.jpg

If your proposal contains both still and moving images please restrict to 6 images and 6 minutes of sound/video. Please note that all submitted images may be used for promoting the project (if successful). Please ensure you indicate whether the work is the actual work to be exhibited, or examples of past work. Please take note of maximum limits and stick to them. 

BLINDSIDE would prefer your support material to be uploaded via Google Drive. Google Drive is able to host images, video and written material. If you need to upload a weblink to music and sound please do so via Soundcloud

When you are creating a sharable link please click through the below link for precise instructions of how to correctly set your sharing permissions:

Follow the instructions very carefully, making sure that when you generate a sharable link you select "Anyone with this link can VIEW". 

Please note that these are our preferred online hosting platforms. There are also a number of other free and easy to use third party hosting sites, most of which allow you to password protect material. 



Applications will be assessed by the BLINDSIDE Artistic Directors following the proposal period. We will provide a response as to whether your application was successful no later than July. Please note due to the high volume of applications, BLINDSIDE is unable to provide feedback.