8 - 25 May 2019

Opening Night | Thursday 9 May, 6pm–8pm




Kate Bohunnis 

The repossession and repositioning of a personal narrative. Remembering, repeating and working through. This repetition is not intended to anchor, but its manifestation is a reflection of cathartic empowerment.
We cannot bury our fractures, but we can acknowledge them as unexpected companions that offer us strength. Although they may be born from misfortune, they remind us gently that everything can find a new shape.

The focus here is to translate memory to feeling, feeling to object and object to sound. By using material as a form of resistance, both adhering to and subverting from, we can thus create a new conversation of emotional plasticity. It is therefore imperative that the relationship to materials is driven by intuition, offering them agency to self- expose. This authorship draws a direct line between material relations and the psychological process of re working not to simply repeat, but to find a new narrative of creative difference.

IMAGE | Kate Bohunnis | Courtesy the artist.