19 - 21 August 2010

Tape Projects + Six_a

12 Artists, An empty space. The dawn of a civilization. As part of an ARI exchange program Melbourne-based Tape Projects and Hobart-based Six_a will invade and colonize Blindside. Lazy Slum will be a cross-disciplinary experiment in what happens when you build a society from scratch. Think Lord of the Flies meets Better Homes and Gardens. Dystopian community meets tribal display home. Over three days a game will unfold where audience and artists alike are governed by the rules and roles of this fleeting micro community.

Let the games begin.

Tape Projects is a collective of emerging artists who champion provocative, temporal, audio-visual works and site-specific performances in and around Melbourne. Tape Projects showcases diverse temporal and cross-media works by Australian and international artists. Members of Dotmov and 123TV founded Tape Projects in 2006, after we identified the significant lack of exhibition opportunities for young and emerging artists making work in non-traditional, collaborative and temporal art forms. Tape Projects members: Cait Foran, Eugenia Lim, Tanja Milbourne, Michael Prior, Zoe Scoglio, Jessie Scott and Nic Whyte.


Six_a inc is an artist run initiative in North Hobart, Tasmania who formed mid 2007. Six a inc. provides a supportive environment for artists to take risks and experiment within their practice, to receive constructive technical and curatorial assistance in their attainment of conceptual resolution. Six a inc. support an inclusive of art culture that incorporates a cross pollination of art, music, film, writing, sound and performance, and whenever possible, offer a platform for these different media to co-exist in dialogue, and without hierarchy. Six_a members: Astrid Joyce, Alicia King, Jordan Marson, Mish Meijers, Jack Robins, Peter A Robinson, Amanda Shone and Tricky Walsh