28 May - 14 June 2014

Opening Night | Saturday 31 May 3-5pm

Ron Adams, Kate Beckingham,  Harriet Body, Lucas Davidson,  Hayley Megan French,  Carla Liesch + Luke Strevens

Orbit (Melbourne) brings together the work of the current MOP Projects committee:  Ron Adams, Kate Beckingham, Harriet Body, Lucas Davidson, Hayley Megan French, Carla Liesch and Luke Strevens.  Having worked together closely for over two years running the gallery, this exhibition re-aligns their artistic trajectory and allows the committee to consider their individual practices within the group context. Orbit (Melbourne) provides a dynamic dialogue on what it is to work together, in the context of a Sydney-based ARI.

IMAGES |Carla Liesch, Sketch for installation at Blindside 2014, Harriet Body , Earth Mark - Circle , 2013, Results of action with clay straw and fire, 110 x 85cm, Hayley Megan French, Fragment, 2014, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100cm, Kate Beckingham, View from Palatine Hill, 2013, Digital C-Type Print, 20 x 13.5cm, Lucas Davidson, Further than I can see, 2014, Single-channel video installation, Ron Adams, Possible buildings from words, 2013, Acrylic on linen, 76.2 x 76.2cm, Luke Strevens, My Heart is a Galaxy, 2014, Acrylic, enamel and pencil on paper, 21 x 21cm | Images courtesy of the artist. 


Orbit (Melbourne) brings together the work of past and present MOP Projects committee members:  Ron Adams, Kate Beckingham, Harriet Body, Lucas Davidson, Hayley Megan French, Carla Liesch and Luke Strevens. At different points within the Sydney-based ARI’s 10-year history each of these seven artists have surrendered to the gravitational pull of the gallery which has allowed for strong, supportive and collaborative relationships to develop.

While the practices of the participating artists vary, the group is intimate with each other’s work and Orbit (Melbourne) looks to examine how these close relationships between artists influence the work that they create. By taking these artists out of the MOP gallery space and placing them into a new, non-partisan one, Orbit (Melbourne) considers parallelisms between their individual practices within the framework of their common MOP involvement. Unlike other committee-run ARI’s there is no set period of time for which committee members will involve themselves with the gallery and thus long-term supportive relationships are developed and artistic lives become intertwined. Orbit (Melbourne) has been collectively curated by the current MOP committee and is a progression from Orbit (Hobart), an exhibition at Constance ARI in 2013. The Orbit exhibitions are seen as an inevitable outcome of the ongoing dialogue and creative negotiation between current and past MOP committee members.

Harriet Body, 2014.