19 February - 29 March 2014

Curated by Claire Anna Watson



Boe-lin Bastian

I make videos and rudimentary sculptures in order to better comprehend the strangeness of motion, gravity and momentum. My works operate at the juncture of object and action, drawing from a post-minimalist aesthetic and increasingly mixing old and new technologies. Critiques on humour, accident and the nature of impermanence inform the way that I think about my work.

The investigation of the innate qualities of materials and their relative scale is an ongoing interest. Equally important is the tendency of the viewer to project meaning and narrative onto existing sculptural forms. This tension between implied and projected meaning is key to my practice.

When working with objects, I liken the force of gravity to a punch line and enjoy exploring the changing states between balance and imbalance. By using ephemeral materials, I hope to give form to the passing of time, implying an idea of beauty as unexpected and immediate in contrast to an idea of beauty as rarefied.

Image:  Jellies. Coupling Series 2010, HD Video (still), 4.13 minutes

Courtesy the artist.