21 April - 26 May 2015



Gabrielle Leah New


Gabrielle Leah New is a Butoh Dance Theatre Artist, Performer, Contemporary Artist, and curator with a profound interest in healing, transformation and the intra-psychic landscapes of the human mind.

She works with live performance, the body, costume, installation and video and explores identity, relationship (to self, other and place) and the process of transformation.

Gaby’s passion for her art has taken her around the globe over the last 15 years. She has recently completed a Master in Fine Art at RMIT and exhibits and performs regularly in Australia and Internationally.

In States of Being, the artist uses movement and wearable installation components to externalise internal emotional states as a metaphor for hope and the possibility that through awareness difficult feelings may be transformed. A surreal psychological space is created.


Image: States of Being, 2014, 3.51 mins.

Courtesy the artist.