23 November - 11 January



Julie Rrap

Fleshpool is a work that explores the body and its other: its shadow, its reflection. This work attempts to use technology as a mirror on itself, to push beyond the rational and explore both the sinister and the visionary in the human desire to challenge nature.

Julie Rrap has been a major figure in Australian contemporary art for over three decades. Since the mid-1970s, she has worked with photography, painting, sculpture, performance and video in an ongoing project concerned with representations of the body, with a particular emphasis on the female body within western art history. It is a theme she has approached from many directions, using her own body as subject. Rrap's work has been featured in numerous solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas, and in major international exhibitions. Her works are held in every major public collection in Australia as well as many corporate and private collections in Australia and overseas. The Sydney-based artist has also been the beneficiary of numerous art grants and awards.


Image: Fleshpool, Digital video, 60 sec (continuous loop).

Courtesy the artist and ARC ONE Gallery, Melbourne.