2 March - 19 April

Curated by Claire Watson


Matthew Harris

I make things or sometimes just take things, with hopes of better comprehending what the hell I am doing here. Generally, no answers are found but maybe it’s better that way. Art is a good way to pass the time.

My work happens in multiple ways. It often involves being open to and aware of everything, accepting materials, subjects and ideas as they emerge. Tweaking things or leaving them be, into objects or non-objects. Sometimes it ends up comical, camp, abject, boring, beautiful.

Maybe pimples are a perfect art analogy. There’s stuff inside, it gets infected, clogs things up and comes to the surface, you need to pop it. The art is in the popping. The work happens as I go along, a gentle un-healing ooze.

Matthew Harris was born in Wangaratta, Victoria in 1991. In primary school he won a plastic trophy for photographs, but failed most art classes since then and has avoided art school. Matthew’s work has appeared in several institutions so far, including Wangaratta Art Gallery and Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne. He has featured in magazines such as Excerpt, Frankie and VICE, and various web-based platforms. Matthew lives and works in Melbourne. He likes flowers and long romantic walks by the sea at sunset. 

Image: Lassie, 2013, Video 1:57 minutes

Courtesy of the artist