12 October - 22 November 2015



All the time, Everywhere stars Kitpu (Eagle) and Miskîsik (Eye). Kitpu is Mi’kmaq and Miskîsik is Métis from Canada. While on a road trip in the American southwest, they encounter sights that they are unfortunately all too familiar with at home — being subjected to seeing the stereotypes and mis-representations of Aboriginal people.

Amy Malbeuf and Jordan Bennett are multi-disciplinary visual artists from Canada and, as a collaborative, are Neon Kohkom. Through their practice they survey notions of identity, tradition, spirituality, consumerism, and pop culture.


Bennett and Malbeuf have created the entity Neon Kohkom (kohkom means grandmother in the Cree language) to explore the confusion within popular views of Indigenous cultures. As Indigenous artists—Bennett is Mi’kmaq and Malbeuf is Métis—their practice examines the distance between mis-representations of Indigenous peoples and actual contemporary Indigenous realities in an attempt to denounce the stereotypes and trivializations that these representations perpetuate.


Image: All the Time, Everywhere, Single channel video, 1:50 min.

Courtesy the artist.