WORKS<30S NO.46-55

28 March – 15 May 2016

Curated by Martina Copley

Nathan Gray

Works<30s No.46-55 evolved out of a discussion about death between Nathan Gray and Lou Hubbard which formed part of Nathan's show Work With Me Here, 2015. During the discussion Lou set Nathan the task of creating 10 new works based on their recorded conversation. The resulting work feature's Lou's words subtitled over footage recorded on a road trip around the south island of New Zealand.

Works<30s is an ongoing series of short video and performance works (since 2013) all under 30 seconds long that use brevity as strategy.  

Unfolding from a series of succinct studio and on site experiments Nathan Gray’s work approaches the object as a score for action. Aiming to improvise with the given, the found and the pre-made he uses brevity, precision and humour as strategies to open possibilities in restricted material circumstances. Using his background in experimental music his work draws on a body of knowledge that is shared between art and music.


Martina Copley


HD colour video | 6:19min (continuous loop)

Image courtesy of the artist.