23 October - 3 December



Sara Ludy

Sara Ludy’s Deep Pond is the newest animation from the series Clouds that pushes the constraints of software defaults to evoke natural phenomena. Through extensive layering of amorphous movement, Deep Pond emerges as a cosmic field swimming with artificial lifeforms. Without the use of outside source material, these animations are generated from within their native program as intuitive manifestations. Clouds reflects the desire to explore computer systems in order to find a personal connection with machines.

Sara Ludy’s practice investigates the confluence of the physical and virtual. Her works include websites, animation, video, sculpture, and audio-visual performance. Traversing the online virtual world Second Life, Ludy photographs domestic interiors, landscapes, and other scenes that are iconographically familiar, yet feel otherworldly. Alongside this practice, she three-dimensionally renders architectural forms and sculptures, each one imbued with the mysticism of the digital uncanny: a space between what is known and unknown, within reach but just out of grasp.


IMAGE | Sara Ludy, Deep Pond, 2017, From the series Clouds, HD video, 10:00min. Courtesy the artist.