5 December 2018 - 17 January 2019


Gianna Mazzeo

Eat If You’re Hungry (2018) is an experimental work designed to confront and provoke. Exclusively featuring contributors to the zine, the film uncomfortably confronts the female relationship with eating surrounding what they eat; how much they eat; and how they eat it.

The artist aims to expose viewers to distasteful images of women at the dining table in an effort to call into question why they are indeed distasteful. In this context, the work encourages the abandonment of societal expectations and conventions.

This video features designs by local furniture design duo, Steelotto, and prints of Eat If You’re Hungry Zine - Entanglement (3rd Edn).

Gianna Mazzeo is a video artist and filmmaker based in Melbourne. Mazzeo creates surreal cinematic pieces, working across writing, directing and cinematography. Commencing her career at a video content agency, her practice now references and evaluates the problematic advertising industry. Mazzeo’s discipline strays from commercial practices by disrupting genre conventions, tending toward dark and comedic themes.

IMAGE | Gianna Mazzeo, Eat If You’re Hungry, 2018, Online Launch Film, 1920x1080p, 1:53min. Courtesy the artist.