20 June - 28 July 2018



Martina Copley

A vagabond investigation informed by questions of artistic production, the work looks at the ways things resist translation.
An apprehension of contingent orders, the work doesn’t have a set form.
Sound, idea, object and modality are collated to set up a structural space for something to exist, a space in which the work moves towards an opening and at the same time asks questions about itself. 

Martina Copley is an artist, curator and writer.

Recent exhibitions and projects include No Notes: This is writing, artist publication with Francesca Rendle-Short, 2017; Unhidden, Counihan Gallery, Melbourne, 2017; Between these worlds there is no ordinary continuity, Melbourne Festival, 2016; FM[X] What would a feminist methodology sound like? WestSpace, Melbourne, 2015; A Listener’s guide to bowing, Melbourne School of Architecture & Design. Liquid Architecture & Nite Art Melbourne, 2015; I always read by listening to the text, Platform, Melbourne, 2014.

Image: Martina Copley The Blind Task of Sleep (mere listening), 2015, HD video from colour super 8 film, 1:54min. Courtesy the artist.