13 FEB - 2 MAR 2019

Curated by Bridie Lunney + James Carey


Erin Hallyburton

Soak explores the performativity of nebulous materials and their relationship to the processes of the body.  A sphere of frozen olive oil balances between the shoulder blades and melts in reaction to the heat of the skin. Presenting as a still image at first glance, the viewer gradually becomes aware of the subtle movement of the breath and the dripping of melting oil. The sustained looking required to access the work draws the attention of the viewer back to the perception of their own body.  

The body and material are united in reciprocal action as they enact forces of gravity and entropic energy.  The impermanence and vulnerability of the body is reflected in the dissolving orb. Its deterioration evokes the downward pull of gravity that imperceptibly alters the form of the body over time. The porosity between the body and material locks them into a simultaneous action of un forming.

Generated from intuitive material play, the body of the artist is also implicit in the form and content of the work. The tactile impact of the gesture accesses the sensory memory of the viewer, implicating their own sense of embodiment in the experience of the work.

A Melbourne based artist and graduate of Monash University, Erin Hallyburton’s expanded sculptural practice examines the potential of amorphous materials to manifest the porosity between objects, bodies and spaces. Encompassing site specific spatial interventions alongside remnants of intuitive material play, the body of the artist is imbedded in both the form and content of the work. Hallyburton has held solo and collaborative exhibitions at Intermission student gallery, Good work art space, MUMA’s education space, the VCA student Gallery and the Patterson Building and received a residency at the Museum of Innocence Mildura in 2017.

IMAGE | Soak, 2019, Film Still from Hd. video, silent, 3:14mins | Courtesy the artist.