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Rushdi Anwar, Nicholas Chilvers + Hanna Chetwin, Matthew Harris,  Norie Neumark + Maria Miranda, Nova Paul (NZL), Pip Ryan, Tromarama (IND), Kawita Vatanajyankur (THA/AUS)

BLINDSIDE presents PLAY2  – a selection of single channel video work from 8artists from Melbourne, Thailand, Indonesia and New Zealand. These artists explore the potential of the moving image to convey their histories, fantasies, dreams and speculations.

PLAY2 is an offsite extension of BLINDSIDE PLAY, a video space which is dedicated to showing contemporary experimental single-channel works from local and international artists. PLAY2, is presented in partnership with Federation Square and screened at the Big Screen as part of Fed TV.


Rushdi Anwar, Facing living past in the present, 2015, HD Video single channel sound installation, 12m 30s

Nicholas Chilvers + Hanna Chetwin, Boyz II Men: Summer Daze, 2015, 16mm converted to digital video, 10m

Matthew Harris, Lassie, 2013 , 1 minute 57 seconds, plastic dog, garden snail, HD video

Maria Miranda + Norie Neumark, Shredded: Stuplimity & the Aesthetics of Neoliberalism, 2015, video, 1m 33s

Nova Paul [NZL], Still light, 2015, 16mm transferred to HD video, 6m 35s

Pip Ryan, Separation Anxiety, 2015, single channel video, 2015

Tromarma [IDN], The Charade, 2014, single channel video, 3m 54s

Kawita Vatanajyankur [THA/AUS], The Carrying Pole, 2015, single channel video loop

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Since completing his BFA in 2016 at VCA, Trent Crawford has exhibited at Trocadero Art Space exhibition NEWER17, Blindside’s, George Paton Gallery (upcoming), and was selected as the VCA representative at Sugar Mountain festival. Crawford’s practice focuses on dismantling; interrogating the machinations of built technology, and its perceptions in different contexts by usurping its functionality and presenting them in a passive state.

Lucy Foster completed a BFA (Photography) at VCA in 2016. Delving into an archive of constructed and found imagery, the nature of Foster’s practice touches on topics of presence and absence within time. Often using elements that embody both personal and historical significance, her approach is autobiographical with an emphasis on analogue techniques and physical interventions. Foster has exhibited both nationally and internationally with institutions including the George Paton Gallery and Margaret Lawrence Gallery. Her work has been featured in Frankie magazine.

Edith Gilfedder examines obsolete technology and pixels through alternative image-making processes, often using the square as a motif. Gilfedder’s large-scale works use time-based processes and bright colours. She graduated in 2016 from RMIT.