1 January - 28 March 2017



Alison Bennet + AJ Kearns (AUS), Mo Cohen (USA), Pila Darling & Michele Vescio (AUS), Travis de Jonk (AUS), Xanthe Dobbie (AUS), Siyu Mao (DEU/CHN), Luke Miller (AUS), Mark Payne (AUS), El Pelele (ARG), Miriam Poletti (ITA), Mark Ramos (USA), Richard Sawdon Smith & Jonathan Armour (UK), Soda_Jerk (AUS), Beau Torres (USA), Pati Solomona Tyrell (NZ), Alan Warburton (UK), Michael Wilde (USA)

A collection of digital artworks by local, national and international LGBTQI+ identifying artists curated by (Alison Bennet, Travis Cox, Xanthe Dobbie & Mark Payne). The project, which explores the intersection between queer identities and digital culture, spans multiple on- and offline locations and will be exhibited across Midsumma Festival (Melb), Melt Festival (Bris), and Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras (Syd) in 2017.

Interact with the online exhibition here from January 15:

List of Works in PLAY² :

Alison Bennet & AJ Kearns (AUS), 2015, Inverto, digital photographs Mo Cohen (USA), 2016, Queer Quest: All in a Gay's Work, point & click game demo

Pila Darling & Michele Vescio (AUS), 2014, And, Or, and Not, digital web collage

Travis de Jonk (AUS), 2016, Sexual Organs - Bloom 1, interactive digital video

Xanthe Dobbie (AUS), 2016, Desktop Holiday 2, digital video collage Siyu Mao (DEU/CHN), 2016, Nothing but Nonsense, gif

Luke Miller (AUS), Escape from Pleasure Planet, game Mark Payne (AUS), 2016, In Stride, digital sculpture, animation

El Pelele (ARG), 2016, Apotropaión, multidisciplinary digital installation

Miriam Poletti (ITA), 2016, Perhaps Cultivating Touch Can Still Save Us, interactive webpage

Mark Ramos (USA), 2016, Contested Terrain, 3D virtual topography

Richard Sawdon Smith & Jonathan Armour (UK), 2016, Infinite Surface, high resolution photogrammetry 3D model

Soda_Jerk (AUS), 2011, The Popular Front, adapted digital video

Beau Torres (USA), 2015, Brush Against Me David; it is what it is, digital video

Pati Solomona Tyrell (NZ), 2016, Aitu Vogue Ball, digital video

Alan Warburton (UK), 2016, Training Camp, Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) software, crowd simulation software, motion capture files, compositing software

Michael Wilde (USA), 2016, Turing Meditation, interactive collage