2 January  – 12 February 2017

Curated by Xanthe Dobbie on behalf of


Alison Bennett, Jeremy Martino, Greg Penn & Autumn Royal

Reworlding (Elizabeth) is a collaborative work by artists Alison Bennett and Greg Penn, and writers Jeremy Martino & Autumn Royal. The work offers a multidisciplinary investigation into the concept of digital-hybridity. The collective process in producing the work imitates the technological and physical layers we often encounter to expose the limitation of the dichotomy between the representational and the real.

Reworlding (Elizabeth) was originally created for a live webinar event between the HDR/PhD Communities from the Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University and Deakin Motion.Lab Centre for Creative Arts Research at Deakin University. The participants were given the prompt ‘what is digital life in a hybrid world?’ and Reworlding (Elizabeth) was the Deakin response.

This work was awarded for ‘Innovative Use of Digital Media’ at the Centre for Contemporary Photography Salon 2016.

The online interactive iteration of the work is located at

 Bibliography of sources here:

Alison Bennett and Greg Penn describe their practice as expanded photography. Jeremy and Autumn are writers. They are all higher degree researchers at Deakin University.

Image: Alison Bennett, Jeremy Martino, Greg Penn & Autumn Royal, Reworlding (Elizabeth), 2016, online interactive collaborative work <>, video documentation 6:23.