22 March - 11 May 2017



Trent Crawford

More than Money examines contemporary portraiture, documenting the transcendence of the medium into structural and strategic advertising campiness designed to grow capital. . Crawford's video specifically addresses the NAB’s 2016 campaign “More Than Money” which uses archival video and photographs to follow the growth of a child mediated through the “digitized” documentation of life experiences. Documenting a large public billboard More than Money bares the structural supports used in the creation and display of ad content, illuminating the way in which these structures manipulate their figure.

Born 1995, Trent Crawford is an artist living and working in Melbourne Australia. He is currently studying a BFA (Honours) at the Victorian Collage of the Arts. Interested in dissecting images and technology to explore them in a passive state, Trent’s work focuses on entering the in-between moments in time where the subject or material exists in a state of lapse; often with their function usurped or absent. By disassembling, restructuring and repurposing new media he calls to question how the framing devices of screens and filters are active in the construction, fragmentation and degeneration of the image.

Image: Trent Crawford, More than Money, 2016, Single channel HD video, 04:13 min. Image courtesy the artist.