5 - 8 October 2011


David Beaumont, Alice Bradshaw, Jade Burstall, Julia Holden, Marcia Jane, Claudine Kraan, Baden Pailthorpe, Stephanie Peters, Paul Rogers, Rebekah Symons, Goran Tomic, Paul Underwood, Leon Van de Graaff, Marieka Walsh + Tim Webster

As part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, curator Natalya E. Maller presents a unique installation and experience of cutting edge film and video works. The new exhibition Poles Apart features artists from across the globe including Brazil, the UK, France and Australia. Artists explore binary relationships, opposing forces and energies that reflect their culture and environment.

Across two gallery spaces in a cinematic arrangementPoles Apart presents an experience of oppositional forces and a quest for equilibrium. The 20 works present ideas based around everyday binaries including allies/enemies, country/city, male/female, reality/fantasy, light/dark and time/space, that define and are defined by each other.


Technical Advisor
Leon Van de Graaff

Graphic Design
Cara Whitelaw

Bean Bags
supplied by Chillizone