1 August - 9 September 2018

Curated by Ciara O’Meara


Amy Dellar, The Huxleys, Gianna Mazzeo

The video works that make up this compilation were chosen on the basis of their uneasy, outlandish, and dreamlike characteristics. Dellar’s Miss Cancer and Mazzeo’s Miss Pisces appear to encapsulate notions of the surreal, paying homage to the likes of David Lynch and Brian De Palma. The Huxley’s Dark Side of the Rainbow exposes and bombards the viewer with a succession of unpredictable, nonsensical imagery. The overall composition of the three works reflect the structure of the subconscious as ‘something’ we view without our control and cannot fully comprehend.

All videos in this project were displayed in the Portal Space at Sawtooth ARI in Launceston, Tasmania in the last 12 months.

Amy Dellar Miss Cancer 2017. 2:42 min | The Huxleys Dark Side of the Rainbow 2016. 12:14 min | Gianna Mazzeo Miss Pisces 2017. 3:36 min