8 - 25 July 2015 

Curated by Xanthe Dobbie & Anabelle Lacroix

Closing Night | Thursday 23 July 6-10pm NITE ART 

Artist & Curator Talks I Thursday 23 July 7.30pm

Nathan Ceddia (AUS), Anna Franceschini (IT), Pip Ryan (AUS), Tromarama (IND) + Ryan Wilson (AUS)

This year’s edition of Screen Series is curated by Anabelle Lacroix & Xanthe Dobbie and focuses on the potential of the object.

Demonstration is often central to the moving image, especially in the context of an exchange of information – whether tangible (educational, physical) or intangible (experiential, philosophical). What happens when figures are removed and objects enliven as props, given agency? Can the performative act be delegated? Objects in situations with other objects create tensions. Can the object exist independently from the subject? And if so, is it an object at all? Who or what is the performer, the object or its viewer?

IMAGES |Anna Franceschini, Before they break, before they die, they fly!, still from video, 2014| Ryan Wilson, Celebration Machine #4 |Ryan Wilson, Celebration Machine #5 | Tromarama, The Charade, 2014, video still. | Images courtesy of the artist.