10 – 13 July 2013

Curated by Raymonda Rajkowski + Felicity Strong

Opening Night | Thursday 11 July, 6-8pm

Antoinette J. Citizen, Tara Cook, Daniel McKewen, Jonathon Nokes + Josephine Skinner

With Open Arms brings together contemporary Australian artists who embrace old and new video technologies and aesthetics. These artists explore, transform and expose analogue and digital terrains to experiment with, as well as reflect upon the technical and conceptual potential of video. Embracing everything from VHS re-mixing to frame-by-frame digital image manipulation, film, television and YouTube appropriation, this exhibition reveals how nostalgic and innovative technology for the moving image can still co-exist in the 21st century.

IMAGES | Daniel McKewen, Every Face, video installation, 2013, Daniel McKewen, video still, 2013, Artist discussion 2013, | Images courtesy of the artist.