9 - 26 February 2011


Simon Finn


Studio research has led me to hypothesize a cartographic link between the drawn and the sculptural, which I am exploring with this exhibition at Blindside Artist Run Space. The investigation will be realized via the presentation of a range of spatial and temporal sequential imagery generated through a combination of visualization technologies and reinterpreted through the hand using a traditional drawing processes.

The initial trigger for this investigation was shortly after reading an article by Joseph and Barbra Anderson titled “The myth of persistence of vision, revisited” [1] dispelling early attempts to account for motion in film and the more recent discoveries of apparent motion. After digitally manipulating and drawing sequential imagery I began to question how this new theory of the motion picture could go beyond two-dimensional illusory space when the visual narrative structures are spatially and temporally tampered with.

These current works are inspired by the Borgesian notion of the one to one map [2]. The focal point of imagery is relentless wind through a black flag that has been rendered using sequential charcoal drawings based on imagery generated using computational physics systems. The works presented in this exhibition enable me to explore the sculptural staging and reading of drawings in varying sequential narratives. Commencing as simulation and concluding with the hand crafted, a synthetic reality is mapped into the tangible drawn world.

This exhibition is the latest investigative drawings that form part of my Masters of Fine Art by Research at the Victorian College of the Arts and integration with content delivered to Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment with majors in Animation and Games Design students. This work is an extension and inclusion of my experience as a 3D visualization Artist and Production/Post-Production film and television experience both in Australia and Canada.

The resulting exhibition will hopefully facilitate a contribution to the dialogue of contemporary drawing and its relationship to motion graphics and the sculptural form. The final product of this investigation is intricate charcoal drawings on paper, a screen based animation and sculptural form comprising varying sequential structures.

- Simon Finn, 2011