6 - 10 September 2011


Blaine Cooper


An endurance performance to end them all.

End Zone (Always Do the Bad Thang) is a new performance work by Melbourne-based video and installation artist Blaine Cooper, in collaboration with guitarist Nicholas Lam.  Get set to see the artist running (via treadmill) from a wall of cinematic explosions, with wailing blasts of electric guitar highlighting the contrast between the always energetic, indestructible screen hero and the reality of a sweaty mess trying desperately to escape imminent destruction.

This two-hour performance promises to be a totally immersive, mind-blowingly cheesy action experience.  Visitors can also test their own stamina on the treadmill or skills on the guitar against the projected explosive backdrop on show during regular gallery opening hours.

End Zone marks the end to a trilogy of works (Danger Zone 2009, In the Zone 2010, End Zone (Always Do the Bad Thang) 2011) that explore the transfer of information through physical activity and the manipulation of time, space and notions of masculinity in cinema.

- Blaine Cooper, 2011.