21 - 24 May 2014

Opening Night | Thursday 22 May 6-8pm 

Kate Blackmore + Jacinta Tobin + Frances Barrett + Kate Blackmore

As part of BLINDSIDE's Showstoppers performance series, we proudly present:

Kate Blackmore & Jacinta Tobin
Ngallowan (They Remain)
Dual Channel HD Video Installation
Dur: 15'50''

This dual channel video installation is a collaboration between Blackmore and Dharug Elder, Jacinta Tobin. Through performance and song, Blackmore & Tobin each respond to the metaphor of 'white washing', creating an interplay between presence and disappearance that questions the way in which history is written and recorded.

Frances Barrett
Live Performance

Performed: Thursday 22 May, 4-8pm, and Friday 23 May, 12-6pm.

Occupation is a live performance that will take place over 2 days in BLINDSIDE. Each day Barrett will take drugs to produce a state of sleep, then posit her sedated body in the exhibition space. Occupation is a performance that explores the notion of occupying, transforming and disrupting space – both physically and psychologically.

Frances Barrett & Kate Blackmore
Box Set
Dual Channel HD Video Installation

Box Set is the video documentation of an 8-day endurance performance by Frances Barrett and Kate Blackmore. Box Set documents Barrett and Blackmore's performance of watching every single episode of one of the world’s longest running television series, The Simpsons, while fasting. This performance took place in a live television studio and was anchored by Nick Keys, who provided an endurance commentary across the entire 8-days.

Box Set was commissioned by Alex White and Emma Ramsay for 'Tele Visions', a curated program for broadcast which commemorated the end of analogue television in Australia (

IMAGES | Box Set, Televisions, Performance space, Frances Barrett, Occupation at Alaska (15 March 2014), 2014, Live performance, Photo: Susannah Wimberley, Kate Blackmore & Jacinta Tobin, Ngallowan, They Remain, Frances Barrett, occupation, 2014 | Images courtesy of the artist.