8 - 25 May 2019

Opening Night | Thursday 9 May, 6pm–8pm




Daisy Lewis-Toakley

The works in Standing in Red are designed to create a relationship between the human body and a field of colour.

Emotion is a physiological experience that connects humans with the world around them. It can resonate inside us with such a vibrancy, it feels as though it could expand beyond our physical body and occupied the space around us. Through the design of vibrant colour, the works form a mirror to the emotions of the viewer.

This project is informed by the notion of colour having an emotional resonance, stretching back from Roy De Maistre’s “colour-music” to James Turrell’s 2018 “Seen Unseen” strobe light installation. The exhibition is about the power of colour in producing a physiological emotion, and the physical relationship between a human body and a field of colour. The sizes and installation of the works are carefully considered to create spatial relationship between the viewers eye, the painting, and their body.

The paintings are created using traditional oil painting techniques, and juxtaposed with digitally printed coloured backgrounds of complimentary and parallel colour fields. These mathematical colour fields highlight the minute imperfections of the paintings, this juxtaposition gives a moving weight to the human hand and an intimacy with the viewer.


In her practice Daisy Lewis-Toakley explores the relationship between the audience and contemporary art. Through installation, object, paint and light she develops conceptual art designed to form a collaborative relationship between the audience and the artwork. Daisy is passionate about the accessibility of contemporary art and developing works that are engaging and inclusive to different audiences.

 Daisy Lewis-Toakley is an emerging artist from Naarm/Melbourne, she studied Fine Art at RMIT University and has exhibited at galleries around Australia including Tinning Street Gallery, Studio 13 and as a finalist in the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize.

IMAGES | Daisy Lewis-Toakley, Quiet before the drop, 2018, oil paint on wood imposed on digital colour field  | Embrace an old pet, 2018, oil paint on canvas imposed on digital colour field | A book that makes you hear, 2018, oil paint on wood imposed on digital colour field | Courtesy the artist.