23 Jan - 9 Feb 2019

Opening Night | Thursday 24 Jan, 6pm–8pm




Kirsty Macafee 

Colour information extracted from a screenshot made on 10 January 2016, archived, subsequently reworked and flooded onto the gallery wall.  My interest in this image responds to the idea that “the status of being everywhere at once is what now produces value for and through images”.

The reverse processing and reformatting of the image data can be described as a continual and unfolding process of construction, deconstruction and re-construction. Imagery and image data are utilised as material, printed onto an unfixed support.  This process is considered as representative of the way images inhabit multiple states, sites, and spaces at one time, are endlessly malleable and continually reinvented.   The project is an exploration of the constantly in flux condition of both images and identity and considers the unstable truth of the condition of images, and of being.

IMAGE | Kirsty Macafee, States of matter, 2018. Courtesy the artist.