SUMMER STUDIO: heat amplifies scent

17 - 19 Jan 2019

Opening Night | Thursday 17 Jan, 6pm–8pm





Reading a space like a score, treating debris like relics, unearthing the poetics of a passing moment - Viva, Liv and Emma create an ongoing archive of shared language and space.

Through accumulative and intuitive practises that deliberate on unearthing and repurposing everyday moments, materials and dialogues, the three aim to make delicate transformations of what a particular space already holds; a tangible channelling of a shared consciousness, or experience of the world. Work is informed using personal experience and a consideration of the ethics of space and environment.

BLINDSIDE SUMMER STUDIO is aimed towards artists who blur the lines between the creation, installation and exhibition process. Artists use BLINDSIDE as a working studio and the project concludes with a brief 'open studio' which is accompanied by an artist talk and opening event. 

Infatuated with unseen moments and routine, Melbourne (Narrm) based artist, Emma Berry mediates introverted encounters with everyday spaces, objects and moments. Foregrounded in her own experience, Berry’s practice entails an entanglement of writing methodologies and non-traditional art materials. Generating poetic echoes, Berry creates fragmentary works that are unassuming and nostalgic, which become dedications to memories and encounters. Within the constant exchange of information in the world, her work functions as a moment of intrinsic reflection as it honours the incidental and overlooked moments of everyday life, holding a persisting awareness that all lived experiences are different to others.

Viva Hall is a Melbourne based artist who relishes in a trip to the supermarket to buy her materials. Concerned with food consumption and sustainability, ephemeral and discardable substances are manipulated in an investigatory way to give them value in their translations. Through site specific scores and performances Hall plays with duration, using the aural potential of materials and the spaces they inhabit as a basis. Through performative interactions these objects gain significance, as if they are worth serenading.

Adelaide born, Melbourne (Narrm) based artist, Liv Moriarty entangles methodologies of finding and collecting with intuitive making and site sensitive transformations. Moriarty collects the overlooked - concrete rubble, a latch from a window, a photograph, a word - these references are both preserved and recontextualised. Works are poetically satisfying; holding an agency within themselves as a self-fulfilling conversation is held between objects, architecture and space.

IMAGES | EMMA BERRY, Tender Solidarity, a relentless seam, 2018, paper, washi tape. | VIVA HALL, Hum says otherwise, 2018, rice paper, steel. | LIV MORIARTY, A Splinter in a wall, 2018, found debris, wall. | EMMA BERRY, VIVA HALL, LIV MORIARTY, Scent amplifies heat BLINDSIDE Summer Studio | Courtesy the artists.