11 – 14 January 2012


Agnes So + Jason Chau

Rather then leave the gallery empty over the holiday season this year, two collaboratives – Ben Johnson & Nick Herzog, and Agnes So & Jason Chau – were given the keys to Blindside and, starting from scratch, asked to have an exhibition ready in four and a half weeks, a duration far exceeding the usual two-day installation time. The public are invited to view the results that both highlight and fracture the boundaries between idea inception, exploration, creation and presentation.

IMAGES |Agnes So & Jason Chau, 2012 | Images courtesy of the artist. 

New Zealand artist So and designer Chau have colaborated within BLINDSIDE over the studio period. So engages with a number of minimalist materials to create investigations between the viewer and the viewed, where engagement between the two occurs through a heightening of one’s awareness towards the everyday. Meanwhile, Chau has documented So’s progress with a number of catalog projects, exploring both traditional and more ephemeral print medias.