20 - 24 January 2015

Opening Night | Thursday 22 January 6 - 8pm

Artist Talk I Saturday 24 January 2.30pm 

Marcin Wojcik

Marcin Wojcik’s multi-disciplinary practice combines sculpture, performance and installation and is underpinned by a continued exploration of the performance of identity. For this exhibition, he employs theatrical devices such as props, sets, scenes and backdrops to draw viewers into the world of his assumed ‘persona’.

Marcin Wojcik completed his Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons) in Sculpture at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2010. His work uses the theatricality of performance and its manifestation as roles, props and scenes to interrogate the themes of exploration, masculinity, adventure and adversity. Wojcik constructs environments often involving various activities ranging from cycling, rowing to climbing. The interior of these constructed‘scenes’ are painted in a’ blue’ tone used for cinematic blue screen special effects which, in turn, invites onlookers to ‘step into,’ or project their own scene onto these scenarios.

Facilitating Wojcik’s overall performance are the props that support both the changing role types and the scene. These props specifically assist the suturing of the artist into a collection of roles, but also function as part of the scene itself. These objects leave traces of contact within each setting, as some props enter the scene while others are left behind.

IMAGES | Marcin Wojcik, To set dry, 2014, BLINDSIDE installation detail | Running Into, 2014 |Images courtesy of the artist.