31 May – 17 June 2017

Opening Night | Thursday 1 June, 6pm–8pm

Clare Longley

Eyelashes cling in hot wax, left drying and crusting with salt

Actions that improved our ancestors’ chances of surviving and reproducing

        Too close for me too carry on my brain when my heart is just a puddle 

 Such a big sloppy smoochy wet puddle 

 I am the result of reproduction, I am heart eyed actioning the actions 

Drawing from recognized visual artifices and stimulators known to arouse a sense of universal pleasure in viewers

 I tried to make art about vast ideas; I love the idea of big ideas

Seemingly distant theories

Blinks black legs between thighs

Ringlets drop heavy springs for now honey 

  Honey, baby

  This time around 

Turns out I just made an exhibition about falling in love in the summer, I didn’t even realize until now

Have you ever fallen in love in the summer? 

          This is remix, re-remix 

What I thought in the begining, a love poem, how I feel about these things 

So oily, can never catch it, can never make up my mind 

Have you ever had trouble doing what you love? 

Doing who you love, baby 

Slippery and saccharine and very firm

It causes all sorts of problems when you do, at least for me

Polyps appear on your shoulders, they expand, shrink 

Symptoms of sunlight, transitional being

Swelling, oozing but welcomed, you watch for fresh buds 

Humans have developed powerful emotional responses

It’s all there… the horizon, the sunset, the beauty, oh the beauty, I’ve always fallen for beauty

The sunset is what gets me though, I feel the most beautiful when the sun in horizontal, 

almost butter

Universal bedrocks of attractiveness – well that’s something

 I mostly meant the sunset, the way you see it when you can feel in on your blushing cheeks 

 The way you see it on walls of lobbies and waiting rooms, beside an ugly curtain, and a frangipani, or a rose 

Cold water from a plastic cup a damp kiss when the weather drops 

 Something falling not quite all the way through my clammy palms 

 Like sand in between your toes (oh don’t you love the feeling of sand between your toes) 

 Knock knock (butterflies scream in the dark pits of your gut)

What a beautiful home / you look lovely / this meal is delicious / incredible view / thanks for having me

 Wanting to touch everything, feel it – the vase, aromatic soap, rim of the glass

Still a dirty puddle 

Like a squeeze to sunburned or raw neck

Waves hello, thank you forever 

Clare Longley is a multidisciplinary artist and curator based in Melbourne, Australia. Graduating from Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) in 2014, Longley’s recent solo and group exhibitions include Massage Therapy, Kings Artist-Run, VIC, 2017; Carousel, Abbotsford Convent Industrial School, VIC, 2016; Recharge/Her performance as part of Buoy Residency and Retreat, NY, 2016; Nut Ice, Tinning Street Presents, VIC, 2016; Flush, collaboration with Prue Stent and Honey Long, Sugar Mountain Festival, VIC, 2016; and The Ladies Exhibition, aMBUSH Gallery, NSW, 2016.

Image |  Clare Longley, The eiffel tower at sunset from your living room, 2017, detail, digital print on silk, tin, pine, clay, dimensions variable. Photo Aaron Rees. Courtesy the artist.