2 May 2015

Performance | 7.45pm - 7.50pm

Bon Mott

In the one-night exhibition at BLINDSIDE, Bon Mott performs as the ghost of Bon Scott through a film and live piece working with black images and black liquid referencing Jonathon Glazer’s “Under The Skin’s” use of the Nigredo of the Magnus Opus. Nigredo is uniform black matter, the becoming of self, through blackness. The ghost exists between life and death and past while haunting present. The past and the present become entwined. The entwined relationship between the ghost and the living is a kind of being and becoming.

Gallery 1 – two photographs each lit by 30 second film projections – the slow motion of the projections represent the return and the departure of a ghost to and from the body.
Gallery 2 – A 5 minute performance piece the artist, performed inside I clamshell filled with black, mucus-like liquid.  A looping film of awakening is projected from the ceiling down on to the artist as she performs.

Bon Mott wants you to see her as energy, rather than her corporeal self. She is not her body, she is the energy of AC/DC’s Bon Scott.  When Bon Scott was asked if he was more the AC or the DC he told audiences that he was the lightning bolt symbol in between, he is electricity.

Emerging from a black primordial liquid equal in viscosity to mucus, Mott comes to life and rises to standing to sing her song.  The artist reprises ‘Touch Too Much’, which is a song written by Bon Scott about interactions with a woman.  The song might be perceived as sexually aggressive and hoarse but Mott takes another perspective:

She had the face of an angel smilin’ with sin
The body of Venus with arms
Dealin’ with danger strokin’ my skin
Like a thunder and lightnin’ storm [1]

Mott becomes the body of Venus with arms. Via this embodiment,  Mott transcends the female archetype and emancipates herself from the confines of the common perception of Bon Scott’s energy.

Mott seeks to give the ghost of Bon Scott an opportunity to transmute itself into the present. Mott is the ghost of Bon Scott, through Venus with Arms.

[1] Touch Too Much 1979– written by Bon Scott.

IMAGES |Bon Mott, Like a Thunder and Lightnin' storm, performance, 2015 | Images courtesy of the artist.