27 Mar - 13 Apr 2019

Opening Night | Thursday 28 Mar, 6pm–8pm




Bianca Tainsh

In a time of so much global adversity, digital and virtual preoccupation, fake news and fake personas, how do we as individuals make sense of the world?  Social influence and expectation is magnified by commercial manipulation, telling us how to look, how to behave, and what we must buy to live happy, healthy lives.  It’s easy to lose track of who we are and what is really important in life. And with such daunting realities as climate change, corporatization and mass human injustice how can the individual even begin to make a difference?

The League for Human Integrity is a meta-movement for ideological reinvention in the age of Mass Consumerism.  Through motivating social and personal transmutation Integrity reimagines humanity as a global collective of humans, all responsible to each other and the world they inhabit. In Workshops for Ideological Reinvention participants can deprogram from the unrealistic ideologies of Mass Consumerism, and they are offered a new perspective of being an autonomous, self-expressive individual, who creates positive change by designing their own ideologies.

The workshops create an alternative and liberal space for individuals to transcend and reflect through video soundscapes and workshopping, exploring the realities of contemporary existence. Values, self-identity, nature and life experience become a reflective framework for individuals to design their own Blueprint for Being, a philosophical checklist for meaningful and conscientious living. 

By fighting fire with fire the project utilises the tools and tactics of Mass Consumerism.  By creating spectacle and harnessing the Meme as an easily replicated concept that jumps from mind to mind, the project creates its own plethora of customisable trends.  The most significant being the movement’s Talis Insignia, a visual representation of its philosophies, but also a mnemonic symbol and talisman for its members.  In this way the project combines both archaic and contemporary archetypes as it explores the transcendent qualities of ritual, the fellowship of sharing a philosophy, and the symbology of agency in images and words. 

Bianca Tainsh is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia.  Her methodology is fundamentally conceptual.  The direction of her enquiries and the mode of production chosen are always directed by the core concept of a project.  This conceptual approach involves a process of dedicated research to accumulate a body of knowledge and imagery that then becomes the impetus to form ideas, and explore new modes of making.  This research is also the pursuit for links between the many different contemporary paradigms that make the world what it is today - culture, science, consumerism, politics, history, the Internet - seeking connections and phenomena that inspire reflection on existential dilemmas, and content to construct a meaningful and multifaceted discussion around the conceptual topics of Bianca’s research.

IMAGES | Bianca Tainsh, Follow the Signs, 2018, digital print on rag paper, 59.4 x 42cm. | Bianca Tainsh, Talis Insignia, 2018, digital image. | Bianca Tainsh, Initiation into Integrity: First Member, 2018, documentary images from performance at SomoS Art Space in collaboration with tattoo performance artist Meerak Meinohg, photograph by Angela Louise Powell. | Courtesy the artist.